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Everything began in 1986 with the meaningful project of creating the emblem for what was then the 9th Congress.The dreams and passion sparked by PIRRO’s mechanical engineering studies started to come to fruition through this special project, which involved designing a customized pantograph machine for intricate miniature work.This project and the successful creation of the emblem marked PIRRO’s first achievement, highlighting his detailed and creative work.
The widespread recognition and endorsement from government institutions and the general public paved the way for Albania's first gold exhibition, featuring participation from prominent figures. Following the exhibition, PIRRO accumulated several work experiences and received special customized orders, laying the foundation for what is now the thriving artistic and design industry in Albania.
The investments made in 1994-95 to support PIRRO's ambitious and visionary project started to materialize with a German loan used to acquire the technological equipment for the country's first gold laboratory, thereby initiating its operations. Each year, we continue to support his work in the spirit of the most modern technology and the highest standards for our unique products. The initial jewelry works for individuals were primarily in silver and gold, while the pinnacle of quality in 1996-97 lies in the medals for the presidency; artistic works that heralded another era of creativity and modernization of the image of state institutions.

PIRRO continues to be avant-garde and dedicated to the highest quality aesthetic modeling of products. This commitment is why we have maintained the quality of the precious Miss Albania crown since 1998. Our success formula has created an aura of prestige in design and precious stones.

The evolution of PIRRO has not only brought together a large number of employees in the artistic field but has also become a real art school for those who create, work, and commit to our firm today. The Pirro Jewelry House was born from a dream and has grown through hard work, passion, and a project passed down through generations as a magical place to produce art and aesthetics.

The technology and innovations we incorporate into our work constitute one of the most important elements in what we value for the continuity and sustainability of top quality This dedication has led to a significant increase in demand for PIRRO products both domestically and internationally. Our investment is focused on improving quality and providing a successful, sustainable model that ensures PIRRO can endure the longevity of design and trends.

Today, the PIRRO network includes three stores with the main Laboratory and factory store, the Flagship showroom and a boutique store at 'Rruga e Kavajes'.Our primary contact point is the Laboratory, where customers not only make valuable purchases but also appreciate the craftsmanship and the environments where creativity and passion flow. Here, they engage in discussions and consultations with our professional staff, who offer their best and most suitable ideas for jewelry and personalized gifts.

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